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Corporate Information

Corporate governance

Corporate governance

The followings are our basic stance on corporate governance and the state of implementation of the measures.


Basic Stance on Corporate Governance

We provide opportunities for the material and intellectual growth of all our employees. And our corporate philosophy is to contribute to society through developing our business on the correct way of thinking as human beings. We believe that it shall be our basic stance on corporate governance to increase corporate value and the efficiency of management, and endeavor to improve fair and quick decision-making based on our corporate philosophy.

Also, we believe that strengthening the function of management supervision and enhancement of compliance system has become increasingly important. We will strive to enhance our corporate governance to ensure the transparency and soundness in management.


Overview of Corporate Governance System

Our company has adopted an auditor system. Our Board of Directors consists of eight directors, and our Internal Audit Office consists of four auditors.

We hold Board of Directors meeting to determine the management policy and supervise business execution periodically once every month.

Meanwhile, we have set the term of office of the Board of Directors for one year to build a management system that can quickly respond to changes in the business environment.

Concerning executive function, we have introduced an executive officer system, which consists of twenty-one officers (six directors and fifteen full-time staffs), to perform operations of business.

We hold COMANY Group Management Meeting periodically once every month. Regarding COMANY Group Management Meeting, the President and Chief Executive Officer is the chairman. In addition to the directors of a consolidated subsidiary, executive officer, manager of relevant departments also participate in the meeting so as to share company-wide management strategy and make quick decision-making which leads to respond to changes in the business environment quickly.



Chart of Corporate Governance System