COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Colorful incombustible partition


Create a unique space with our partition

C&W / C&W50 is composed of a white frame and an abundant variety of colorful panel.

Selections of colorful panel

C&W / C&W50
C&W / C&W50
C&W / C&W50
C&W / C&W50
C&W / C&W50

A rich variety of combinations of panel and glass is available. Twenty-eight colors are available for the panels.


28 color selections for panel

You can choose from twenty-eight colors.


C&W50 is a simple design that eliminates the joint.

  • C&W has 50mm square pole.

  • C&W has 42mm square pole.

C&W50 with black frame is an optional selection.

Black frame

Corresponding to layout change is possible.

C&W / C&W50 adopting dividable pole structures make an easy exchange of its parts and quick layout change possible.

Layout change

Exchange of panel

Added features


Optional tool

Whiteboard panel

The ideas came up during the meeting can be shared with each other effectively by writing directly on the wall. Regarding variety of colors, white color and four pastel colors are available.

Whiteboard panel

color variation