COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

A toilet booth totally composed of incombustible materials

Universal design product
Incombustible product

CB-RESQ is a toilet booth totally composed of fireproof materials.

Since CB-RESQ is a toilet booth totally composed of fireproof materials, it is ideal for the buildings which require strict interior fireproofing measures like the subway station and the underground shopping center.

Incombustible performance

The surface materials, frame material as well as the filler of CB-RESQ have adopted incombustible materials thoroughly. It removes the obstacles to the evacuation routes in case of fire by suppressing the occurrence of smoke and the spread of fire.

Universal design

CB-RESQ is a product designed in consideration of universal design.

Latch lock is adopted. The display is large in print, and the lock can be easily operated.

Easy-to-read display, easy-to-use lock

Full panel (sealed) type is the setting of the depth and front row of the toilet booth.

20mm vacant space from the floor to the underneath of door

A variety of colors

You can choose from melamine incombustible decorative board for the surface material of the panel.


A variety of colors