COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Clean room

CR aims at eliminating the fine particles and microorganisms to create an ideal space for our customers.

CR controls air at the micro level. We have continued to contribute to the field of semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and food. Also, we aim at responding to environmental improvement and high seismic performance.


Energy-saving clean room+ Eco clean room

Five Features of eco-clean room


Five Features of eco-clean room
1. The low-cost The low-cost air conditioner is integrated with the filter unit, and both are systemized which eliminates the extra work.
2. Energy Conservation It is an energy-saving air conditioner combined with a clean function.
3. Short construction period Install the unitized air conditioner at the construction site.
4. Flexibility It corresponds to various spatial layout by the partition structure.
5. Reliability Watertight out gas countermeasure and specification using the fireproof partition are available to meet your needs.


Large-scale clean room

Industrial clean room

By adopting the advanced panel-type construction method, various functions such as room temperature, cleanliness management function, work environment improvement features are excellent in utility which helps to meet your needs flexibly.

Industrial clean room

Food and medicine field clean room

Hazard analysis and critical control points(HACCP) and Sanitation Standard Operating Procedure (SSOP) are supported by Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Food and medicine field clean room



Product introduction

Clean room partition

CR-4 double-sided steel panel / partially detachable type
CR-8(N) double-sided steel panel / generic type (insulation type)
CR-1 single-sided steel panel / double-sided type
CR-S single-sided steel panel / single-sided type

Clean room ceiling panel

System ceiling
CS series Grid system ceiling
Panel ceiling
CR-C1 panel ceiling / single-sided type
CR-C2 panel ceiling / walkable type
CR-C3 panel ceiling / walkable type

Clean room door

PAT Perfect air-tight door
SAT/NAT semi air-tight door / Non air-tight door