COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Wall surface partition

Incombustible product
Single-sided Decorative Panel (CW)

Increase the unity and image of architectural space through CW

It is possible for CW to create a space according to the image of an architectural space.

A high safety panel against fire

The panel has a highly secure structure against fire, in which steel plate is applied to its surface material and a gypsum board to the backing.

A variety of colors

The paint has high coating film hardness so it can hardly be scratched and it is epoxy-modified melamine resin baking finish.

Ceiling advance-pasting type and ceiling after-pasting type

There are two types of single-sided decorative panel, one is the advance-pasting type, and the other is the after-pasting type.

60mm between the skeleton and the panel surface

You can efficiently use the space because it is only 60mm between the skeleton and the panel surface of the single-sided decorative panel.