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Serrure Electronic Lock


Live a secure and comfortable life with DECIMEL

With DECIMEL, no more worries about if you've locked the door. future_p_01Since DECIMEL is an electronic lock, you do not need to worry about the burglar breaking into your house resulted from forgetting to lock your door.  You can go out without taking a key with you. future_p_02You do not need to worry about losing your key if you live a keyless life by using the numeric keypad.   Mount the electronic lock by certified installers. future_p_03Because it is a battery-powered electronic lock, which is wireless, allowing quick installation afterward in a short period of time. It is more secure to have one more lock on the door.Unlock by one-touch with smart key future_p_04
You can simply open the door by one touch with the dedicated smart key leaving inside your bag. You can also open the door directly by the numeric keypad.      
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