COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Design door
Wooden door for office

Design Door

Design door is a high-design wooden door for office.

A texture brought about by Design door can significantly change the space. It creates a space which attracts people at work and visitors.

Glass door to create a space with elegance

The compact engine unit using a high-performance compact motor realizes the door unit thickness of 80mm for partition.


When door hits people or things, it triggers the safety system to return the door to the original place, and then the door will start closing slowly again. When the door hits an obstacle on the way, it stops moving instantly. Even in the case of a power failure, opening and closing of the door is easy.

While keeping the form and texture of the glass, the sharp and stylish design of the design door helps you create an attractive office. A rich variety of door panels including grain pattern is available for your selection.

Type of door panels (all seven types)




Enhance the security

By changing to the electric lock, you can enhance the security.

Target securities