COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Lightweight moving partition


A lightweight moving partition excellent in storability

It is a moving partition with easy-to-navigate lightweight panel capable of being installed in a short period.

A user-friendly thin profile lightweight panel

DP30 is a moving partition welcomed by an office of which the use conditions often changes with layout settings.

  • A thin panel with a thickness of 30mm

    A thin panel with a thickness of 30mm

  • XB-06 type runner and rail

    XB-06 type runner and rail

The short construction period of standard installation method is best for renovation.

A standard installation method is to directly mount the suspension rail and the wall rail to ceiling surface and wall after the finish.

standard installation method

Basic storage types

The moving partition capable of partition a room into a plurality of rooms, at the same time, restoring a plurality of rooms partitioned in advance to one room as necessary. Three storage types such as "A-type", "B-type", "C-type" are available. Let us introduce the three storage types by using the 3DCG.

A-type cross-traveling

It is a standard storage method.

B-type cross-traveling

It is a storage method to make use the surface area of the pillar as storage space for panels. The panels are folded right under the rail.

C-type cross-traveling

It is a method of creating an independent storage space, and the storage space can be made into a shed if desired.