COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

High-performance of sound-absorbing partition

Incombustible product

Q-PANE helps you to create a quieter and comfortable space by its excellent sound-absorbing function, as it muffles the sound of conversation.

Resolve your sound regarding distress by Q-PANE.

By surrounding the machine which generates noise with Q-PANE, it creates a better environment for people to concentrate on their work.

It is easier for people to hear the conversation, and it prevents the speaking voice from leaking to the outside of the room.

The doctor and patients can concentrate on  their conversation in the consultation room, and it is hard for people to hear the contents from outside, so one's privacy is protected.

By preventing the reverberation of sound, the students can hear the voice of the teacher more clearer.  


Sound-absorbing ability functions by opening small holes in the surface of the aluminum foil.

A steel plate, aluminum foil, paper core undergone fireproofing treatment are adopted.

A material excellent in recyclability is adopted.

Panel Type

Aluminum high partition
Spand line / Papoline

We adopt our original unique split-pole structure, so SL/PL can help you respond to the layout changes quickly.

Steel partition
Spand Wall

Okabe type of invisible frame Compared to the aluminum partition, it is more excellent in sound insulation, the hollow layer can be used for wiring to increase its functionality.

Low partition
Spand Screen

The installation work at the construction site helps to achieve a short construction period and simple noise measures are available.

Q-PANE wall mounted type