COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Aluminum partition

Incombustible product

An aluminum partition thoroughly specialized in its function of "partitioning a room."

An excellent standard aluminum partition in pursuit of incombustibility and functionality, cost performance.

Make it possible with our partition "Separe"

The Separe is developed based on the motto of "the simpler, smarter". A thorough analysis of the ways of use in the office is carried out in advance to meet customer demands.

  • Incombustible panel

    The sandwich structure of fireproofing treatment paper core and the steel surface materials serve as a countermeasure for flammability.

  • Short construction period

    Since less process is needed, it is simple for management which resulting in less management cost.

  • Safe and Secure

    We are confident in our product quality, technology, and flexibility which are backed up by numerous past experiences in Japan. Please choose Separe with confidence.

  • Clean & Reusable

    Compare to the conventional method of construction, less process is needed, so the construction site is clean, and it is also friendly to the global environment.


Corner ceiling portion

Corner floor