COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Putting customers first ③

Efforts to improve customer satisfaction

Since 2017, we have been conducting "Customer Satisfaction Surveys" with our customers, such as dealers, end-users, design offices, and construction companies. In addition to reviewing our service based on the evaluation of our customers, we also collect opinions and requests widely regarding future improvements to further improve our customer satisfaction.



Customer satisfaction survey conducted in FY2018

  • ・We conducted customer satisfaction surveys from FY2018 for two consecutive years. The overall evaluation was 12scores, that is, three scores higher than last year. As an improvement measure for the second time, we have concluded that the priority given to solving the problems of individual sales offices has led to an improvement in customer satisfaction by3 scores.
  • ・As for customer feedback, many of the respondents, valued the "response capability" of the COMANY or the person in charge, following the previous survey.
  • ・Regarding our products, we have received a high evaluation from customers. We will keep promoting product development that takes into account improvements in the sound environment to further increase the added value of our products.
  • ・Regarding our construction, it is generally highly evaluated. On the other hand, some respondents pointed out the variation in quality due to differences in the technique of construction engineers. We will keep promoting on the the improvement of technical skills of construction engineers through safety and health promotion competitions.
  • ・Regarding our delivery, we have received many requests for improvement. We will take these results seriously and promote system improvements and reforms of internal operations to respond more quickly to the needs of our customers.



Efforts to improve quality

Believing that product quality is a significant premise to satisfy customers, we aim for top quality in our products. Sticking to quality and proper business operation, we provide the best quality products and services to gain our customer trust.



Quality management system and quality activities

We aim at routinizing our quality improvement activities and integrated them into our business. To this end, we operate a quality management system, set high-level quality standards, and repeatedly conduct various tests with a focus on safety and security. At the same time, we value human resource development, which we believe is the basis of manufacturing.



Setting high quality standards

To ensure the safety and security of our customers, we set strict quality standards and deliver continuing high-quality products to customers while making revisions as necessary concerning official standards and criteria.


Producing safe and secure products

We repeatedly conduct performance tests and durability tests applying quality standards, and regularly evaluate and confirm product safety and quality functions. Besides, we introduced a world-standard combustion tester and conducted regular non-flammability performance tests on flame-resistant approved products to maintain the specified performance.




Open/close testing machine

Combustion tester

Thermo hygrostat

Tensile/compression testing machine

Refractory furnace testing machine

Defect elimination activities using quality assurance methods

In the manufacturing process, as part of risk assessment, we work to prevent producing and circulating defects by comparing and evaluating the predicted failure risk for each current work process and the degree of assurance. To gain customer trust, we reduce the risk of relying on people to a minimum and shift to systematization, standardization, mechanization, and automation.



Establishing customer's product inspection room

To provide our customers with a sense of security through our perfect manufacturing and high-quality products while impressing our customers through product inspection by stand on their shoes. Aiming to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, we set up a product inspection room for customers to foster our spirit of hospitality.
* The right-hand side photos show the visual differences due to the difference in light source

The light source for outdoor light

The light source for indoor light