COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Putting customers first ④

Smart construction initiatives

Our partition products are complete only after they are assembled at our customers’ sites. The product assembly at customers’ sites is a crucial final step, for the customers evaluate our services based on the quality of the product and construction work as well as our staff’s workmanship.



Smart construction initiatives to improve product quality

COMANY’s Smart Construction not only finishes the construction with high quality and perfection, but also embodies our customer-first policies. Our unique initiative is aimed at making an impression on customers and gain credibility from them, as well as boosting pride and sense of reward among the construction engineers.
The “Smart Construction 30” activity quantitatively evaluates the achievement of 30 practical standards on a daily basis for our in-house construction team. Similar evaluation is carried out for subcontractors to promote smart construction.
* From fiscal 2018, the evaluation standard has been changed from 30 to 100.



Smart construction competition that competes in mind and skill

The National Smart Construction Competition is held every year in the Construction Center of COMANY. The purpose is to improve our construction skills and manners so as to promote the impression, sense of security, and trust for our customers. In this competition, in order to promote construction reform with construction engineers, in addition to sharing and sympathizing with the direction (Vision) of COMANY, elite construction engineers from all over the country participate and compete with each other.
In the 8th competition held in 2019, we showed our practical skills in installing partitions of “Synchron,” an earthquake-resistant partition.



Safety and Health Promotion Conference that promises safety

The Safety and Health Promotion Conference is held as a platform to raise awareness and ensure the safety and health of all workers, and achieve zero occupational accidents. In FY 2018, the event was held at 8 locations nationwide, and the number of venues increased by 3 locations compared to the previous year, resulting in 636 participants compared to 196 participants in the previous year. After the conference, a social gathering was held to deepen friendship and exchange opinions.



COMANY Partition Contractor System aiming to improve the skills and status of construction engineers

As part of establishing smart construction, this system encourages self-study and “visualizes” the skills of construction engineers. All of our construction work is handled by personnel qualified in this system. In particular, one employee gained certification as a first-class construction engineer in 2019, and now we have nine first-class construction engineers in total.


Our initiatives to secure the construction system

The trend of Japan's declining birthrate and aging population is a major issue not only for Japan's demographics but also for construction engineers in the construction industry and the partition industry. In an environment that may affect the inheritance of the techniques, we are making various efforts to secure a construction system.




Visualize the field site with IT and promote productivity and work style reform

We implement the following policies to promote a more productive work style among the construction engineers by using IT technology.


① We make it possible to view information on construction quality instantly using a smartphone when necessary.

② We digitalize construction drawings and reduce the need for mailing and receiving documents at the office. At the same time, construction engineers can read the text in the drawings correctly without making mistakes.

③ Smartphones help visualize and communicate changes and check lists at the construction field in a timely manner and prevent errors.



Support system for new and existing contractors to increase the number of skilled laborer

In responding to the new entries of partner companies, as well as the systematic increase of the number of laborer at the existing partner companies (including construction & carry-in partitions), we established a training support system for a certain period of time. This initiative aims at creating a stable construction system. Currently, 12 people from 10 companies are benefiting from this system.




Enhancement of the welfare program and insurance system

In promoting a safer construction environment for our exclusive construction contractors, we lend them uniforms, caps, construction tools, and other necessary equipment. Also, we bear the cost of accident insurance (additional workers' compensation insurance) for the contractors so that they worry less in case of an emergency.



Integrating career advancement system

In April 2019, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism launched a joint government-business initiative for career advancement in the construction industry.
This system accumulates and utilizes information on the experience and skills of each technician to create a work environment that enables technicians to receive a salary commensurate with their abilities and expertise. The system aims at securing future leaders in the construction industry and visualizing the construction capabilities of subcontractors that employ technicians.
We support this initiative and will participate in it by the end of FY2019.