COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

Cordia Hall in TowadaAomori Prefecture of Japan
Partitioning the ceremony and dining room by 11 m running unit

The customer rquested that "the partition screening off the hall and the ceremony place shall also reduce sound leakage." So we used a filler with high sound insulation to reduce sound leakage.
The customer had another request that they hoped to use the room both as a dining room and a small ceremonial hall, so we proposed a partition that is movable according to the number of people used. The running unit has a width of 11 m. There are doors on both ends of the partition allowing users for all accesses. * Special order item
For the toilet booth door, we adopted double sliding doors. Even with a layout that was unchangeable, the opening width can be enlarged allowing smooth access.

The funeral place "Cordial Hall Towada," which opened in Towada city in January 2011.
The hall cherished the feelings of the bereaved families and offered a hearty ceremony.
We delivered partitions in the hall, small ceremony hall, dining hall and toilet upon customer's requests.

Design and supervision : Freedom Architect
Construction work : Marui Heavy Machinery Construction Co., Ltd. /Wall System Co., Ltd.
Delivered item
2011/08/03 update