COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

Isuzu Motors Limited (Fujisawa factory)Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan
Creating Cafeteria with bright atmosphere to refresh employees

The convex part beside the entrance was the most concerned part for the customer. It plays a role like a showcase in which bits of knowledge about "monthly recommended cooking ingredients" and "nutrients" are introduced.
Partial expansion of the convex part beside the entrance
In Fujisawa factory, many staff use the Cafeteria every day. This sliding door becomes the exit-only door for those who returned the tableware so that the flow line of the cafeteria user does not intersect complexly.
The shops inside the central cafeteria are also separated by partitions of the same color and design leading to a sense of unity throughout the Cafeteria.

Eating well and taking a break during lunch hour become the lifeblood of employees in the afternoon. Isuzu Motors Limited has refurbished its Central Cafeteria at Fujisawa factory. To meet the request of our customer of adopting the natural light through the window inside the cafeteria and create an upbeat atmosphere, we proposed a glass stacking make-up partition.

Delivered item
2012/04/10 update