COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

Kaiyo AcademyAichi Prefecture of Japan
New construction of Kaiyo Academy

Delivered product: Light Shi Louver Panel (Special order item) [Louver Panel blocking the late afternoon sun] For the window of a large audio-visual room with a capacity of 150 people, we have proposed installing stationary louver panels. While reducing the heat and glare of sunlight, the panel gently takes in natural light and creates a learning environment with moderate brightness.
Delivered product: Light Shielding Louver Panel (special order item) [Creating a Quiet Learning Space enable students to concentrate on their study] By arranging the light shielding louver panel diagonally; it draws the stare of students so that they can focus on the lecture. Also, the panel has excellent sound absorbing effect due to its punch machining surface, it also suppresses the reverberation from the sash glass surface, and it is useful for creating a quiet space.
[Image of blue ocean] The indigo of the toilet booth in the classroom building is associated with the blue sea. The color of the toilet booth creates not only a calm feeling but also elegance and intelligence which correspond to the environmental feature of the school aiming for leader training.
[Silver toilet booth reflecting light] By adopting the silver booth at the first floor of the gymnasium, it reflects the light of luminaire making the space bright. By combining the edge of mirror finish and anodized finish, the booth creates a brilliant atmosphere.

Kaiyo Academy was newly established boarding school integrated middle and high schools that rise along Mikawa Bay in April 2006. We had proposed a light shielding louver panel and clean booth in this case.

Design and supervision : Nihon Sekkei Co.,Ltd.
Construction work : Obayashi Corporation
Delivered item
2006/12/01 update