COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

A kindergarten in TokyoTokyo of Japan
New construction work of a kindergarten

Delivery product: Rotary Panel (special order item)
[Since it is a frequently used item, we stick to safety] We helped to install the toilet booth in the center of the kindergarten's first floor. When you enter the first floor, you can see cute toilet booths line up there neatly. Since children use the toilet every day, we have developed the product placing importance on the safety. We not only use finger pinch prevention rubber and safety cover but also have rounded all the edge parts. Between the toilet and the corridor is a wall with large glass windows so that the nursery teachers can grasp the situation inside of the toilet from the hallway.
[ Create a bright atmosphere in toilet] We added a playful design in the toilet booth on the second floor by an arch shape pole at the entrance. We also created a bright and fun atmosphere to the toilet by applying a brilliant yellow color to the doors. The height of the booth is about the height of kindergartners to avoid the dark and narrow impression of the booth's interior.
Delivered product: Rotary panel (special order item) [Free opening/closing panel] The wings of the playroom usually have a black curtain installed, but this kindergarten has a rotary driving panel installed. There is a mechanism to change the angle by releasing the small lock at the lower part of the booth, so even a nursery teacher can operate device directly. When the panels are in a fully open state, it does not only allow people to pass through smoothly but also enables one to carry in and out of musical instruments and play-sets.
Delivered product: Rotary panel (special order item) [Overturn to an image change] When turning over the black panel, it is a light grain-matched to the floor surface, you can choose the panel color according to the application. The stage of kindergarten is a prominent place to announce the growth of children by a play or a chorus, etc., we helped to realize it through the panels.