COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

Creating atmosphere appropriate to each space by different door designs on both sides

The door of the conference room adopts a brown woodgrain tone. ※The door is a special order item.
The door of the refreshment room adopts a white woodgrain tone. ※The door is a special order item.
A glass sliding door balances a feel of openness with a sense of design. (Glass sliding door specification of Bridia)

This is a delivery example of OH-HATA ARCHITECTS AND PARTNERS, a design office in Hiroshima City. The office renovation aimed at increasing a flexible space. A product excellent in design and sound insulation was necessary, so we recommended “Bridia”. In addition to securing the sound insulation of the meeting room and the refreshment room, we created an atmosphere according to the rooms by applying different door designs. With such adoption, we are happy to hear from customer that “The rooms become functional after the room’s degree of freedom is increased. Besides, as a result of adopting glass effectively to create a bright and open atmosphere, it increases the opportunity for staffs to gather together.”

Design and supervision : OH-HATA ARCHITECTS AND PARTNERS
Construction work : Fujita Corporation
Delivered item
2017/08/09 update