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Case Study

West Uozu City Junior High SchoolToyama Prefecture of Japan
Utilize moving partitions to create space according to learning style

A moving steel partition (DOS) sectioned off the wall of the classroom for the small group of students. By storing up the panels, the school can use the room as an open space combining with the multi-purpose space at the front, and this allows the school to correspond quickly to changes in students and changes in usage.
The moving partition (DP 60S) partitioned the classroom for the small group of students, which enables the room to alter the size at once according to the number of students.
The school adopted a moving partition DP between the music room and the hall. Since the panel of this moving partition uses the high-performance sound absorbing panel "Q-PANE," it combines excellent sound absorption and sound insulation. Besides, the woodgraining panel gives the students equanimity and comfort. ※Customized product
The panel of toilet booth adopts a rugged type (CB - K) panel with excellent impact resistance. By using white panels, it gives the toilet space a bright and clean image. The clean toilet helps develop in students increased willingness to use the toilet carefully.

We have delivered the partition to the school classroom, specific classroom, and toilets.
The school has adopted our moving steel partitions in the classroom for small classes and music room, so the teacher and students can flexibly utilize the space by making it an open space or dividing it into small rooms according to the use and the number of students.
Besides, the school also adopted our high-performance sound absorbing movable panel "Q-PANE" in the music room.

Design and supervision : Hitachi Architects & Engineers Co., Ltd.
Construction work : Chida Construction Corporation/ Yamagata Kenetsu Co., Ltd./ Sekiguchigumi Corporation/ Tosei Construction Co., Ltd./Asuno Kigyo Joint Venture
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2011/04/14 update