COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., Ltd. Kanagawa Prefecture of Japan
By lightweight movable partitions, you can effectively use the conference room according to its usage

Depending on the content of the conference, you can put away the movable partition to widely use your training room. Since the movable partition is supported by casters, it is very light, and even a single woman can operate and handle it easily.
Since the wall surface beside the entrance and exit door is entirely a whiteboard panel, you can effectively use the interior space. As white is the base color for the interior, you can actively share opinions and information through utilizing the whiteboard.

With the relocation of the office of Yokohama Kankyo Design Co., Ltd., we made a proposal on creating office through partitions. We suggested Suitto for our customer, who preferred a movable partition capable of easy installation.

Depending on the application of the room, you can use it in different ways. For examples, you can section off the room by partition to create meeting rooms, or you can put away the partition to make it a wide room for training. With white as the base color, we actualized an open and bright interior space.



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2017/09/20 update