COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Creative booth


C-Style helps you to change a space according to the scene of application.

C-Style enables you to change the space according to the various scenes of use such as to think, to discuss, to do a presentation so as to build a better relationship between people and space.



With C-Style, you can freely partition your space with a movable screen.


The size of frontage can be maximized up to 5,400mm; you can create an expansive space for ideal factory.


You can also set the both sides of the movable screen into writable whiteboards.

Creating your office space according to the purpose is possible.


An open space placed with a movable screen allows users to freely crisscross the room and get an idea while engaging in small chats.


It is mainly composed of the panels. Shutting out the line-of-sight from outside, you can use the space as a conference room for meeting and presentation with the project members.


You can ensure an independent space by using the movable screen in the center; you can also create a space suitable for a small group meeting, thinking with concentration by oneself.

You can also make use of the office wall.

You can use the existing wall as it was, and creatively use the movable screen to create an open space or a close space from time to time depending on the purpose.

Arrange in a straight line

Arranged in an L-shape

Arranged in a U-shape


You can install a projector by using the projector bracket.

It is also possible to mount a commercially available projector screen or shade by using a slit plate.