COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

BIO GENOMICS CO., LTD.Nagasaki Prefecture of Japan
"Visible Office" based on the concept of all employees

Based on the concept of all employees who decided the design after taking time to browse our catalog. Through employees' considering and decision-making process, they started to feel affection for their office and it increased their motivation for their work correspondingly.
The basic color for the president's office is black, which creates a chic atmosphere. Since it is a built-in glass partition of a blind on the left side, one can close the blind when there is a guesting or one wish to focus on work.
The company has installed "C-style" in one corner of the office, so a closed space can be created quickly as necessary. The employees can use the place for morning meetings, small meetings, and lunches.
Electronic locks are attached to the entrance of the factory so that the outsiders would not get in. The security of the office is directly improved.

The request of BIO GENOMICS CO., LTD. was to be able to show their office to their customers or business partners.

Therefore, we proposed a layout with keywords of "visible and attractive" and helped the company to realize it. After delivery, we were pleased to know that the customer was satisfied with being able to show the interior of their office to their clients.

The company also adopted COMANY 's other partitions in their factory.

Delivered item
2011/11/10 update