COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

C&L typeF
Colorful low partition; Incombustible type

Incombustible product
Environmentally friendly products
C&L typeF

Incombustible low partition certified in Japan

C&L typeF is a low partition that helps to reduce the risk of disaster to a minimum. It limits the spread of damage in case of fire.

Rich variety of panel colors

Forty colors of the panel color are available.

Frame Color

Standard color has been set for the frame, but for options, silver and black are also available.

Standard color

F30 White

Optional color

  • A portion


  • B portion

    F20 Black

A variety of sizes

You can choose according to the purpose and use in the office. Eight selections for width and height are available.

A variety of widths

C&L typeF

A variety of heights

C&L typeF

Types of panel

In combination with the glass type and waist height above glass type, you can create a more expressive office.
※Tempered glass is used.
※Half glass type is optional.

Types of door

The door panel is only for plain type, while door panel with a window is also available.

Types of door

Incombustible caster type

Counter top board