COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

A universal design skeleton mounted folding door

Universal design product

A universal design skeleton mounted folding door in pursuit of usability

Dear-d is a normally closed type of folding door adopting universal design.

The door moves instantly even with a little force

Dear-d can be opened and closed from any direction, and gently support the feeble, wheelchair users, even for people with both hands full and have to open or lock the door with only a finger, Dear-d enables them to move the door quickly.

Only a little force moves the door

The handle and lock are centered at the door.

Since the handle of Dear-d is centered at the door, the movement necessary at the time of opening and closing of the door is small. Since the lock is centered at the door, the user can easily operate the lock.

Lever and Lock at the centre of the door

Convenient lock

The lock of Dear-d is specially designed for the feeble, the elderly and children to enable them to lock and unlock the door easily. A finger can simply operate the lock. Label in Braille is posted at the door for visually impaired user.

Operate lock with one hand

Joint portion is excellent in design and function.

For the joint portion of Dear-d, the specially designed structure of bent portion significantly reduce the risk of finger amputation capable of opening and closing the door in a smooth movement with a simple operation.

The secret of joint

Ideal for saving space

Since a dead space occurs at the time of opening and closing is minimal, it is ideal for installation in a place where pull-in space is not big enough.

With emergency opening mechanism

Even if the user is shut up within the toilet booth accidentally, the user can open the door by removing the metal fitting with provided particular tool.