COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Case Study

General Incorporated Foundations Niigatazuka Medical Welfare Center Fukui General ClinicFukui Prefecture of Japan
Overall proposal for partition / door / toilet booth in hospital

Depending on the use of rooms, the doors are color-coded into green and yellow. A colorful door lightens the atmosphere inside the hospital and softens the patient's tension.
Since the staff concern about the security of rooms such as office spaces and the stack room, they have Serrure electronic locks installed.
For the toilet booth used by many people, we have adopted COMANY's original surface material which is scratch and dirt resistant so that the scratch and dust is inconspicuous.
To make it easy-to-use for elderly people and wheelchair patients, we have adopted universal design folding door "Dear-d" for the multipurpose toilet booth.

We proposed and delivered our products to Fukui General Hospital according to the usage in various spaces, such as the hospital room, the examination room, the toilet and the staff's office.

Design and supervision : Tohata Architects & Engineers, Inc.; TSURUTANI Architects & Associates, Inc.
Construction work : ISHIDA Kensetsu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Delivered item
2011/07/07 update