COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Hanging door
Skeleton mounting semi-automatic door

Universal design product

A skeleton mounting semi-automatic door in pursuit of safety and functionality

HD enables the user to enter or leave a room smoothly; the security measure is applied to the door such as the installation of speed control and cushioning material for the time of closing the door.

In pursuit of safety and tenderness

HD is especially safety conscious for disability person who can use it comfortably, it does not interfere with user's movement at the opening and closing of the door.


In pursuit of ease of use

HD can be opened easily with a little bit of force at the time of opening and closing. Since the door handle is attached in a easy-to-operate position for everyone, wide opening of door enable user to pass through comfortably even with a large luggage.



Free stopper
The clutch free stopper enable user to stop door at any desired positions.


Loop handle
It is a handle that allows wheelchair-user to open the door in a more stable posture.



Without changing one's posture, the door can be opened and closed at ease.

Loop handle

The user can open and lock the door quickly without altering one's position.

Regular handle

Though the door can be opened without leaning one's upper body, the user has to enter and exit the door by reversing the wheelchair after opening the door.

Regular handle

Since the user cannot reach handle without leaning forward one's upper body, those who has a severe disability of upper body cannot open the door.

Colorful panel type

Built-in type
The door unit is housed in building frame, the door pocket portion has same finish as wall to increase the design effect.

Built-in double sliding door type
The front side of door panel housed in door tail panel helps to save space.

After-attaching type
This external attaching type for existing wall is economical and best for renovation.

Panel with the door pocket type
This type is best suited for joining partition with the hanging door.

In pursuit of space design per intended use

We provide a unit HD-1 that enables the unifying of a partition with HD. HD such as a fully automatic door (touch-door) can be selected following the place of use. HD helps efficiently make use of space, so the dead space indoor is small.

Hinged door Dead Space Hanging door