COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Product Information

Tender Door
Skeleton mounting wooden door for welfare facilities


Wooden door for welfare facilities to create a comfortable living environment

"Wood" is adopted to make a door with a warmth of affection so as to create a soothing atmosphere of residence.

Surface material
Incombustible specification
General specification
The unique flavor and scent of wood bring comfort to the elderly.
For the reason that we touch door every day, we value the importance of soft texture of wood.
We use an incombustible material to ensure safety.
Smooth operation
Since it is a wooden door, you can open the door with little force.
Wooden door absorbs sound to keep a room in peaceful silence.
The wooden door with superior durability is made possible after implementing severe tests.

Colourful design

European style door

Japanese Modern style door

Japanese Modern style door

European style door

European style door

Tender pocket The user can express their individuality through the door of a living room.
The different door changes an ordinary elder care facility into a fun gallery.

Tender pocket creates a place to display one's originality. The design of door itself is playful which makes the elderly feel like at home. The facility is thus changed into a "living space" that the elderly can spend every day comfortably.

Cork pocket The elderly can put their own memorabilia in the pocket.

The elderly can put their own memorabilia in the pocket.

Tender pocket WB