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Case Study

Social Welfare Corporation Seijokai & Special Nursing family for the Elderly SeiwaenHiroshima Prefecture of Japan
"Light and quiet, the wooden hanging door satisfied both quality and operability."

[Manual type single sliding door (wall storage)] The entrance door of the living room adopts a hand operated single sliding door. The frame is made of steel to enhance durability.
[Manual type two- sheet interlocking sliding door] The toile in the living room adopts a manual type two- sheet interlocking sliding door. The door moves lightly and quietly with a wire interlocking.
[Double sliding door with transom] The entrance door of the unit adopts a double sliding door. It creates a sense of unity by choosing same designs to the doors and columns.
[Four-sheets interlocking sliding door (lower rail)] The warehouse of the conference room adopts a four-sheet interlocking sliding door. The stately door design creates a massiveness and heavy feeling.

The customer had been bothered by the sound of the sliding doors adopted our wooden hanging requested that "the fittings should be from a stable manufacturer of quality, and the frame should be durable steel." After delivery, we were happy to hear from our customer's feedbacks such as "the quality is high," "the door is light and quiet." Satisfied both in quality and operability, and we also received a comment saying "We can use the new facility as a showroom."

[Customer's Voice: From Hiroo Murakami, President, Social Welfare Corporation Seijokai] In rebuilding the special nursing home for the elderly (renovation), I was thinking to adopt COMANY's wooden door from the beginning. In recent years, the special nursing home for the elderly is the unit type, and all rooms are private. The number of fittings is much more than the conventional type. In Seiwaen, we adopt all COMANY products except the sliding door of the hall in the first floor. It is awesome that there are so many varieties. The sliding door is quiet and comfortable to use, and it is safe because it closes just at the desired position without displacement. Above all else,two-sheet interlocking sliding doors are outstanding in usability. The facilities other than Seiwaen, though designs are a top priority, the wooden fittings have always been crying due to breakdowns. Joinery is a backstage staff of living environment. "Tender door" should be a product used extensively as a universal design of facilities for the elderly. COMANY has good correspondence, and eager to help customers solve problems unstintingly more than anything, it is also sincere in little ingenuity. I felt that it is the people in the factory or the craftsmen who attached the fittings, commit themselves with whole hearts, supported COMANY's quality. I'm very impressed by the wooden door full of "kindness" to the user.

Construction work : KONOIKE CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD.
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