COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Corporate Information

COMANY's efforts

Social Responsibility activities

COMANY is conducting a variety of activities for social contribution.

COMANY's assistance to Cambodia

To contribute to the international community, COMANY dug wells in rural areas of Cambodia where water infrastructure is not in place so as to help the children there. COMANY believes that the children are a global treasure and the future of this earth. By using the donations gathered from employees, COMANY delivered relief supplies to children in orphanages and schools in Cambodia and carried out a cultural exchange with them.

On-site activities videos


To contribute to our society, COMANY's employees planned and held " COMAFES " based on the thought to enjoy the social contribution while carrying out the activity and help our family know the goodness of COMANY.

Volunteer training

To contribute to the affected area of Great East Japan Earthquake, we have conducted a volunteer study tour every year to the Minami Sanriku where had been severely damaged by the earthquake.

Boys' baseball team lessons

To contribute to the regional development, COMANY participates as trainers in baseball classes for junior high school students, so as to give out the message that, the important things are not just skills, but also the professional attitude and frame of mind towards baseball and the feeling of gratitude.

Elementary school students factory tour

To contribute to the local children, COMANY provides factory tours for elementary students to help them learn from social studies field trip.

Lecture of career counselor to junior high school students

To contribute to the local junior high school students, COMANY participates as a career counselor and gives lectures to advise them on career choice and to nurture job awareness.