COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."

Corporate Information

COMANY's efforts

Efforts toward Universal Design


1. Safe to use

Free stopper


By installing a free stopper, it is possible to stop the sliding door in the desired position so that you can pass the door with ease at your pace.

2. Impossible posture is unnecessary

Loop handle


By installing a loop handle, the user can easily reach for door handle with natural posture without difficulty.

3. A rich variety of toilets

Various toilets

The user can choose the toilet according to one's physical characteristics and circumstances.

4. Be used by everyone comfortably


Dear-d combines stylish design with usability and suits everyone.


COMANY is working on the universal design based on the keywords of "assessment, cooperation, utilization."



"Wheelchair user" refers to a person with impaired legs only, or an individual who has hemiplegia, or an individual who is severely physically impaired. The usage of wheelchair differs from the level of disabilities.

According to characteristics of one's body, we have divided users into two broad categories: users with the ambulatory ability and wheelchair users; And each category is furthered divided into four small groups for verifications.

walk group

wheelchair group


To exchange information and to work on the addressed issues, we join hands with research institutes and medical institutions and the users to develop and improve the quality and usability of our products.

connect example


COMANY cherishes the voice of the user above all. What we could not realize in the verification experiment, the opinions of customers give us valuable hints on improvement, so "the authentic voices" help us significantly in product development.

We suggest an optimal space plan to suit your needs and help you create a space with universal design.