COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Business Topics

Product development that consider the global environment
FSC Certified Products

Procurement of environmentally friendly materials

We acquired FSC certification in July 2020, and plan to launch FSC-certified toilet booths in October.
FSC certification means making good use of properly managed forest timber and familiarizing it as a product. It helps us to ensure that supply chain is free of environmental problems as well as child labor and other problem when procuring materials. Though the FSC-certified products are still not widely used in the construction industry, we will strive to popularize it while expanding our product lineup, aiming for coexistence with the global environment.






High seismic resistance partitions, Synchron that contributes to the creation of disaster resilient interior spaces

More than 700 vibration tests have been conducted, accumulating 300 million data for analysisWe have thoroughly analyzed the damage mechanisms to find out what is an effective high seismic resistance. We verify the ceilings and floors by reproducing the actual construction conditions in pursuit of effectiveness.

Suppressing ceiling from being uplifted

The ceiling, which supports the partitions, will move up and down and undulate even only with horizontal excitation if the tremor is huge. We have confirmed the effect of preventing the ceiling from being uplifted by installing the Synchron.

Expanding the range of Synchron target products to provide more spaces with security and safety

In March 2017, COMANY and the Kanazawa Institute of Technology jointly announced and released the "Synchron" system, a partition that withstands earthquakes of 7, the maximum seismic intensity on the Japanese scale, and we have been installing it on our standard model "EUP Synchron" and other partitions as needed.
Nowadays, we are able to equip the existing aluminum partitions with the SYNCHRON system to turn it into a retrofitted Synchron product. We also make it possible to install Synchron system to the glass partition series--"Bridia" of sophisticated design, which used to be considered a high hurdle, with the aim of reducing earthquake risks and providing safe and secure spaces in more situations. With this breakthrough, we are making good progress in achieving our goal of having one million earthquake risk reduction customers in 2030.



Realizing New Communication Value

Loosely partitioning the room for encouraging new communication.

In October 2018, in response to the recent diversity of ways of working, we launched KOUSHI, which enables us to create a space that generates new communication values. The concept of "loosely partitioning" creates new type of communication by inducing small groups’ communication, which is essential for work. Besides, the way it is partitioned helps control over visibility and realize a creative way of working by creating a proper size of space to focus on work and ventilate one’s opinion in meeting.

Planning and validating the demonstration experiments to pursue optimization of the workplace

As one of office workers, we have set up "COMANY LAB TOKYO" in our Tokyo office to create a better office space by becoming a test subject ourselves. To research the future of office space, we have conducted a variety of experiments on work productivity, communication methods, and the environment for users to focus on work.





Antiviral coating to protect your precious ones
Health Bright Evolution®

Antibacterial and antiviral coating of the entire space

In addition to "partitioning", we have been creating a safe and secure environmental space by adding a coating with antibacterial and antiviral functions. This coating agent (HBE) is a special liquid, which is water-clear and odorless, made of 100% natural minerals. It can be applied to all materials, including glass, fixed walls, desks and chairs, as well as partitions, to create an antibacterial and anti-viral effect in the entire space.

Six effects can be expected from its properties.