COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


What we aim for through SDGs

Value creation model--COMANY SDGs∞ model--

Value creation model to realize our management that contributes to the well-being of everyone involved

Predicting the future is the most challenging task for companies, while the SDGs are the shared vision for 2030 among 193 countries around the world. In other words, the SDGs clearly specify the future issues. We believe that implementing SDGs in management would be an opportunity to enable innovations that were previously unimaginable. Our business model, COMANY SDGs (Mobius) Model, enables us to maximize our corporate value through implementing the SDGs in our management for solving social issues, and to conduct our intended "management that contributes to the well-being of everyone involved."



COMANY SDGs∞ model




Products and Services

The image shows how our contributions to realize each SDG in our business domain can create social impacts. It indicates the critical social issues in each market, such as offices, factories, hospitals, welfare facilities, schools, and public facilities, and connects those issues to the specific SDG areas.




The image shows the specific SDGs that we are working on to improve the well-being of each stakeholder, including employees, suppliers, local communities, global environment, shareholders, and investors.



Leverage points

To realize the “management that contribute to the happiness of everyone involved,” we aim at increasing the impact by combining “Governance” with “Products and Services,” instead of implementing them independently from one another. We identify our leverage point for achieving our goal is the SDG No. 9 “technology innovation.”
We strive to circulate our SDGs Mobius model continuously and to maximize our corporate value by advancing our technology to the global level.