COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Coexistence with the global environment

Coexistence with the local environment

To leave a beautiful global environment for future generations, we utilize the eco characteristics of partition to promote product development. To encourage corporate activities aiming to coexist with nature at the same time, we also work on energy-saving measures for the energy generated in production activities.




Environmental management system

To promote the energy-saving measures and the use of renewable energy, we carry out environmental conservation activities centering on the “Environment Protection Committee,” which consists of six subcommittees: manufacturing, office work, products, logistics, construction, and subsidiaries.


Regarding CO₂ emissions

In FY2018, though there was an increase in production due to the merger of group companies and sales growth, the CO₂emissions were reduced by 145ts after we made improvements in labor times thorough manufacturing reforms of manufacturing departments and the use of electricity by conversion to LED lighting in factory buildings. Industrial waste increased by 138 tons due to insufficient material recycling activities to improve the material's yielding percentage and segregate scrap. In FY 2019, we will reduce CO₂ emissions from the perspectives of both renewable energy and energy conservation, such as the expansion of photovoltaic power generation and the introduction of FEMS (energy management system), and we will further improve yields and reduce industrial waste.


Get a grasp of CO₂ emissions (Scope 1 to 3) and set SBT targets

We scheduled to set the Science-Based Targets (SBT) of the corporate version in FY2019. It is a CO₂ emissions reduction scenario based on climate science promoted by the Ministry of the Environment. We formulate “2030 Roadmap,” which is Scope 1 to 3 CO₂ emission reduction story for achieving the goal. By 2030, we will work to prevent global warming in hopes of reducing CO₂emissions by 50% and using 50% of renewable energy compared to FY 2013. Besides, we aim to acquire the “SBT Target Initiative” and the “RE100 Declaration RE Action Initiative” to clarify advanced companies related to environmental conservation activities. Meanwhile, we will join the Japan Climate Leaders Partnership (JCLP) and aim to realize a sustainable decarbonized society.



Increase solar power generation system

In FY2014, the COMANY solar power generation system started operation and contributed to CO₂ reduction in Japan by using renewable energy. In FY 2019 we plan to add a new 600kW solar panel, which is scheduled to start operation in November. With this, there will be 1 MW solar power system operating in our company.


Visualize factory energy and promote energy saving

About 52% of the energy we use is consumed at the factory. By “visualizing” the power usage status for each production line and facility, we can flexibly respond to issues we have not noticed so far. Aiming to implement efficient and effective energy conservation activities, we are planning to introduce (FEMS) Factory Energy Management System.



Our certified eco-products development

We will promote the development of eco-products such as “Eco Mark-certified product,” “Green Purchasing Law Compliant Products,” and “COMANY Eco Label Products.”


Environmental improvement efforts to establish a Sound Material-Cycle Society

Partitions are environmentally friendly products which are easy to dismantle and relocate. Moreover, we have introduced a recycling system for separating demolished products that are no longer needed into materials, and we are the first company in the industry being approved by the Minister of the Environment for the National Permit System.



Promote afforestation and conservation activities by “Forest of COMANY ties”

Base on the “Carbon Neutrality” concept that CO₂ emissions from the human activities equal to CO₂ absorptions of trees regarding the greenhouse gas, such as carbon dioxide, we started planting trees in collaboration with Ishikawa Prefecture in the “Forest of COMANY ties” in Komatsu City since 2013. The black pines planted by our group employees and their families have grown steadily in subsequent maintenance activities, leading to a reduction of 0.4 tons of CO₂ per year.