COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Hospital and Welfare Market

Create a space that considers the safety and security of patients and the ease of working for medical and nursing staff


Challenges and Changes in the Medical and Welfare Market

The medical market in Japan has more hospital beds per population than any other country in the world, and the diversification of healthcare needs has led to a shortage of human resources and long working hours for physicians, both of which are long-term issues.
To solve this problem, the medical practice has been changed thanks to the technologies such as ICT and robotics, and the medical technology has becoming sophisticated, but it is still not a user-friendly environment.
We aim to provide an interior space where medical staff can work comfortably without reducing the medical quality while ensuring the privacy of users.


Key risks and opportunities


Strategies for the Hospital and Welfare Market

●Medium-Term Strategy

The demand for inpatient care is expected to rise as the number of chronic invalid increases due to the rapid growth of the elderly population in the later stages of life and the increase in life expectancy, while the workforce is expected to decline further. We will continue to provide a comfortable space for medical staff to work in and for users to stay in the future.

▶Changes are expected to occur in the medical and welfare facilities from the perspective of privacy and infection prevention


●Long-term strategy

With the aging society, the shortage of medical and nursing personnel will become even more weighty issue than ever, and the role of hospitals will also change as a result of the need to collaborate with local medical and welfare facilities. We would help research and provide a safe, secure and comfortable medical environment at each facility to maintain the quality of medical care.


Hospital and Welfare Market Initiatives

Although it used to curtain off a room in the past, there is a growing demand for partitions that are easily cleanable to prevent infections caused by COVID-19 and to protect privacy. Therefore, we are researching how to create medical spaces that are safe for users and comfortable for medical staff to work in.






【Topic】Development of a Used Diaper Transfer Robot

We have developed a robot to transport used diapers for hospitals and welfare facilities. Our idea was to make the disposal of used diapers more hygienic and convenient. The robot moves to a hospital room to collect and pack the used diapers and then automatically transport them to a garbage station. We will continue to provide services and spaces that ease the burden on medical and nursing staff and make it easier for them to work.