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Social contribution activities

Social contribution activities

To leave a better world for today's children in the future, we keep working on social contribution activities from the local to the global level in believing that our employees actively engage in the activities according to their conscience.




COMANY's social contribution activities

We carry out our corporate activities based on the belief that "companies should exist to contribute to the well-being of the world." Beyond business activities, we make the best use of our profits, conscience, and human resources. We think over what we can do to expand our contributions, and act on our plans to keep developing our social contribution activities. To build a bright future in the long term, we contribute to the well-being of the world through solving various social problems by expanding the circle of our activities from the region to the whole country of Japan, and to overseas.


Respect employees' self-initiative

We value "the self-initiative of our employees" in our social contribution activities. We believe that one's willingness to do something good for others heartily matters more than anything. Thus, we offer our employees a firsthand experience of interaction with the people in need. We have engaged in various activities in different places, such as local welfare facilities, disaster-hit areas, and developing countries like Cambodia. Every time our employees directly visited the site and met face-to-face with local people. Thereby, it contributes to the continuity and development of our social contribution activities.




Local contribution activities

Believing that it is essential for private sectors, government, academia, and civil groups to work together for regional development, we provide a platform for exchange and actively participate in the events organized by local governments to deepen the ties with others. Many visitors, including the residents, participated in "COMAFES," a summer charity event we hold every year. In 2018, there were about 650 persons attended the event. We also regularly hold "UE-Café" as a platform for exchanges, which connects us with various sectors.

Yosakoi performance by new employees (COMAFES)

Exchange with a wide range of people (UE-Café)

National Contribution Activities

Having sales bases throughout Japan, we are actively developing social contribution activities nationwide using our network. Besides, in response to the increasing number of disasters in Japan in recent years, we conducted disaster-relief volunteer activities mainly in the affected areas. These experiences are also fed back to projects such as product development.

Supporting mandarin orange farm

Visited the farm 6 days after the disaster struck

Global contribution activities

In our global contribution activities, we focus on educational support through well digging and building a library in the rural areas of Cambodia. Currently, we also generate employment opportunities to encourage the self-reliance of the villagers and help foster parents to raise the future leader of the country. In the future, we plan to provide support beneficial to both sides by considering the employment of foreign nationals.

Support for wells digging by our own hands

Nurturing of human resources through foster parent support

Activities as Ishikawa Secretariat of United Earth

We have so far developed social contribution activities in collaboration with United Earth*. To realize dynamic corporate events that make use of cooperation and network, we decided to take up the role of Ishikawa Secretariat of United Earth in December 2018 and adopted the practices. In the future, we will promote more productive activities such as disaster area support activities utilizing our nationwide network as well as regional revitalization activities integrated with civil society.

* United Earth is a non-profit organization, which has a cooperative function to bring together citizens who share the philosophy, such as NPOs, NGOs, social activists, corporate managers, artists, and students. Since its beginnings in 2006, it has been working on various social issues through activities, such as offering self-reliance support in deprived areas overseas and environmental protection activities in collaboration with citizens. To help rebuild the affected areas as well as to construct a new social model, it has started its activities to support the affected areas. It has worked with more than 35,000 volunteers, organizations, and companies since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011.