COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Office market

Create a space where people can work in a variety of ways to support their individual work

Challenges and Changes in the Office Market

The office market will continue to diversify in terms of ways of working and the people who work there. This means each office will be given its personality rather than remaining as a conventional space.
Besides, the office market is not limited to the spaces provided by companies, and a variety of spaces are being used as offices in a recent trend. Since cafes, private homes, and even tourist facilities such as inns have been used as worksites, we will aim to provide spaces suited to a variety of work styles.


Key risks and opportunities


Office Market Strategies

●Medium-Term Strategy

In view of the redevelopment of the Tokyo metropolitan area, which is likely to continue even in the age of after-corona, the needs of the city center are expected to remain flat to slightly increase. On the other hand, we predict that more people will seek new ways of working in rural areas. These two movements are not in conflict, and more and more people will gain value from both. We will provide spaces that create new value by capturing the spatial needs in relation to the changing ways of working.

▶It is expected to see a change in the requirements of working and the culture in the first place. (The impact of COVID-19)


●Long-term strategy

As telework moves forward with full-scale implementation, most workers will be able to choose where to work in corresponding to their purpose. Recognizing that what is necessary for personal spaces is different from what is necessary for public spaces; we will create and provide spatial values that meet the objectives of all forms of working.


Office Market Initiatives

We continue to conduct environmental surveys in our offices using sensing technology and vital data. We are also conducting environmental research in individual booths as part of business-academia collaboration with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST). In addition to researching how the environment, such as CO₂ concentration, changes, and how these changes affect people, we are also experimenting with an environment capable of operating lightings with smartphones by utilizing sensing technology.


【Topic】“Wherever Booth--KAKOU”

It is expected that people would have more choices when deciding where to work in future while the social infrastructure is improved. In addition to the impact of COVID-19, people are starting to work from home at a rapid pace.
In other words, we should think of our homes as a different form of offices now. To address the issue of homes being used as offices, we have focused on the traditional Japanese way of partition, the folding screen and released our new product "Wherever booth--KAKOU" in July 2020