COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Effort of sustainability management

Believing that "companies should exist to contribute to the well-being of the world," we announced our "Sustainability Policy" in 2016. It aims to realize our management that makes each of our stakeholders happy. This policy clarifies the relevant stakeholders, and how we can contribute to their well-being so that we can integrate them into our management measures.
Following the policy, we coexist and co-prosper in harmony with the economy, society, and environment in all our business activities to contribute to the advancement and development of humankind and society. Through such contributions, we aim to realize the vision that all our employees would gain job satisfaction and live a vibrant life.




Pursuit of customers first

To impress and satisfy our customers, we always consider our customers first. From product development to sales, production, construction, and service, we create comfortable and functional spaces by providing safe, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products.



Partnership with suppliers

To improve technology together with our business partners and contribute to the growth and development of the world, we make it a principle to conduct honest and fair transactions. We also aim to achieve coexistence and co-prosperity with partners and stably supply optimal products.



Coexistence with the local environment

To leave a beautiful global environment for future generations, we will expand our product line by utilizing the ecological characteristics of the "partition" itself. We would also promote corporate activities capable of coexisting with nature by working on energy-saving measures for energy generated in production activities.



Creating a workplace respecting humanity

To create a work environment where all employees can play a leading role and be satisfied with their job and growth, we respect everyone’s humanity. Meanwhile, we create a system where our employees can work in full play and an organizational climate that encourages them to play an active role brightly and positively.



Social contribution activities

To ensure a bright future for future children, we work on local contributions, national contributions, and global contributions. These are conducted based on the principle that employees carry out activities independently according to their conscience.



Corporate governance

Based on our management philosophy, our basic policy on corporate governance is to increase corporate value, improve management efficiency, and strengthen fair and prompt decision-making. To ensure the soundness and transparency of management, we will strive to enhance corporate governance, and recognize the importance of strengthening our management supervisory function and legal compliance system.






We believe that the ideal of a company is to embody its mission to contribute to the well-being of the world. From now on, a company should not aim for management that pursues efficiency and economic efficiency through mass production and mass consumption. To enable each invaluable individual to live their lives to their fullest, we believe that it becomes critical for a company to help its employees exhibit their individuality while increasing their value in connection with others.
We will contribute to creating such a world by creating new value for spaces.




Topics1 “Sustainability Management Promotion Office” inaugurated

To implement the “COMANY SDGs∞ (Moebius) model” developed in 2018 in our management, accelerate the circulation of “Products and Services” and “Governance,” and to further contribute to the world, we launched Sustainability Management Promotion Office in April 2019.
In the same month, an employee was sent to Global Compact Network Japan to improve knowledge in various fields related to sustainability through interaction with experts.



Topics2 Ms.Miki Yoshimura assumed office as the first female Outside Director

We believe that promoting diversity and inclusion, including gender equality, is an important issue that forms the core of our growth strategy. In June 2019, Ms.Miki Yoshimura, who has worked in the United Nations and has extensive knowledge, was appointed as the first female Outside Director to tackle the issues and accelerate our businesses actively. Through the dialogues between Ms. Yoshimura with our employees, she provided useful advices for our management from her objective and technical perspective in that field. We will promote diverse working styles through system design and climate reform.

※The lower center is Ms. Miki Yoshimura



Topics3 Initiatives to improve knowledge on the SDGs and enrich our strategies

To properly understand each goal and objective of the “Sustainable Development 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015, and to implement the measures, we are actively engaging with experts to improve knowledge. We regularly receive advice on our initiatives from the CEO of SDG Partners, Mr.Kazuo Tase. We also invite him to give lectures on SDGs and human rights in our company to accelerate internal adaptation. In August 2018, we signed the United Nations Global Compact and participated in various subcommittee activities to improve our knowledge.



Topics4 Signed "Partnership Agreement on SDGs Promotion" with Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture

We signed a “Partnership Agreement on SDGs Promotion” with Komatsu City which is certified as a SDGs Future City of FY 2019 to build a better future targeted by the SDGs. Not only do we widely spread awareness of SDGs among the citizens and local communities, but we also collaborate with others to create a better society that the SDGs aim for. To realize this through a joint effort, we engaged with the private sector, government, academia and civil groups in various fields, such as the creation of comfortable spaces for everyone, environmental symbiosis, disaster prevention and mitigation, and the cultivation of the next generation.



Topics5 EUP-Synchron obtained the construction technology examination certificate
for the first time in the industry

In recent large earthquakes, partitions widely used in offices and factories collapsed or fell, blocking the passage or hindering the business restoration. In response to these incidents, we developed the Synchron system as a technology that reduces the damage. It has an earthquake-resistant structure capable of withstanding a seismic intensity of 7. Among those, EUP-Synchron was the first in the industry to receive a construction technology examination certificate from the General Incorporated Foundations Japan Architecture Center.



Topics6 We announced the COMANY Group Human Rights Policy

To realize the SDGs and promote corporate activities contributing to the well-being of all stakeholders, we announced the COMANY Group Human Rights Policy following the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in June 2019. We expressed our responsibility as a company.
We will promote initiatives to respect human rights with an emphasis on diversity and inclusion, human rights due diligence, and supply chain management.