COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Partnerships with the suppliers

Partnership with suppliers

To improve technology together with our suppliers and to contribute to the growth and development of the world, we make “honest and fair transactions” as our principle. As a partner, we build a relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity, aiming to supply optimal products stably.




COMANY's approach to purchasing

To provide our customers with the highest quality products and services through our technological capabilities to provide a comfortable and functional space, we prioritize the establishment a cooperative relationship with our suppliers as our fundamental approach to purchasing. Through building a relationship that shares each other's weaknesses and strengths, we aim to become a partner with our suppliers and to foster mutual growth. Moreover, through sharing a common understanding of our goals and fomenting sympathy with each other, we attain peak performance together. We also conduct fair and impartial procurement deals while cherishing the relationship of coexistence and co-prosperity with our suppliers.



Technical exchange program for improving drawing techniques

We have regular technical exchanges with our suppliers to improve skills on both sides.
At present, we exchange opinions to reduce flawed and unclear drawings that cause defects arising. At the same time, we share the inspection points at the design stage to maintain our product quality continuously. To achieve better manufacturing, we work together with our suppliers and improve drawing data with an aim to enhance productivity.



Regarding supply chain management

To maintain a stable supply chain resilient to natural disasters, we use the Supplier Survey Form to grasp the situation of their initiatives for the natural environment and business continuity plan (BCP) and manage the risks in our supply chain.
Since FY2018, the COMANY Group has been committed to practicing international norms such as the “International Bill of Human Rights” and the “International Labor Organization (ILO) ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights in Labor.” To respect the right to life, we have formulated the COMANY Group Human Rights Policy. In response, we added an item to grasp the situation of human rights initiatives in the Supplier Survey Form. If adverse impacts on human rights by our suppliers and related parties are directly linked to our business, products, and services, we will request the entire supply chain to respect human rights and adopt measures to prevent its violations.



Activities for sustainable material procurement

From this fiscal year, we have been focusing on the procurement of sustainable materials.
In particular, we are promoting the adoption of “material recycling,” a method that recycles waste and scrap generated during production into similar products, which we have introduced as packaging materials. In addition, we will gradually switch to plant-derived biomass plastics and packaging materials that do not use plastic in the first place.




Efforts to improve supplier satisfaction

To build a better relationship with our suppliers, we conduct a “Suppliers Satisfaction Survey” to confirm the current evaluation of our company. We also carry out activities to improve satisfaction by collecting broad opinions and requests regarding our future improvements.
We conduct satisfaction surveys as a means of dialogue with our suppliers and employ evaluation based on NPS (Net Promoter Score). To respond to the rapidly changing needs of our customers, the collaboration with our suppliers is indispensable, and we have conducted surveys consecutively in FY 2017 and FY 2018, contributing to the improvements.


● In the FY2018 survey, we received a request regarding unclear and flawed production drawings as a quality issue. In dealing with this issue, we hold regular sharing meetings with relevant suppliers to enhance a mutual understanding of the design, production drawing confirmation methods, symbols, and display contents. These efforts prevent differences in opinions as well.


● Compared to the previous year, the number of delivery issues have decreased, but we still recognize the need for improvement. In the future, we will construct a system for advanced information exchange as well as recognition of the load status of the suppliers.


● We will continue to hold dialogues to deepen mutual understandings regarding the issues revealed in the satisfaction survey.

Implement logistics reform in collaboration with Ueda Transportation Co., Ltd.

These days, the ongoing truck driver shortages and aging in the logistics industry are regarded as problems. It is mainly due to the instability of the workload and employment of truck drivers. Therefore, as a consigner, we participated in the pilot project advocated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism and implemented by logistics operator, Ueda Unyu Co., Ltd.
We have altered our manufacturing schedule by adapting it to the truck shipment timing. As a result, we have reduced truck driver's waiting time for loading by 50.7% in about two years, boosting productivity and advancing work-style reform.