COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Creating a workplace respect for humanity ②

Human Resource Development

Since its establishment, COMANY has always managed business with respect for humanity, valuing “human mind” above all else. For this reason, we believe that the most important thing for a company is its employees. Therefore, we are actively developing educational opportunities to enhance both our philosophy based on the spirit of "humanity and fraternity" that we value, as well as the technology backed by this philosophy that can contribute to society. Our training programs use the HPC System (developed by GAIASYSTEM Co.,Ltd.), which enables employees to engage in honest heart-to-heart dialogue and contributes to the creation of a corporate culture that allows employees to form strong relationships of trust, and to demonstrate their autonomy and independence. In addition, to ensure the company's continued growth, we focus on "education tailored to the year and rank," "diversity of human resources," and "development of the next leaders," with the goal of creating a corporate culture for each individual to reach their fullest potential and live a bright life.



● Internal education and training system

● Cultivation of humanity (Philosophy Training)

Based on the COMANY Philosophy, this training aims to cultivate employees’ humanity which enables them to do the right thing as a human being with a strong will. The philosophy training is conduct every year for all group employees to attend. Under the premise that everyone has a conscience, it is designed to foster a sense of value by drawing out the conscience of employees through honest dialogue and encouraging them to learn from each other. Besides, we work to instill the philosophy in our employees through repeated learning of the role-specific concepts and practices in executive training, general manager and section manager training, and annual training.

● Enhancement of technical capability
 (Engineering Education)

This training program is designed to improve our technical capabilities (development technology, design technology, manufacturing technology and construction technology).
For each type of job, employees learn the skills necessary to provide high quality products
and services. In addition to technical education and training aimed at acquiring specialized skills, we also actively adopt e-learning for training as a mechanism for passing on and accumulating our know-how.

● Leadership development training

An internal D&I survey conducted in 2019 showed that 38% of male and 85% of female employees were reluctant to be promoted.
In light of this situation, we planned to create an environment in which employees could learn to envision the kind of leader they wanted to be and started the 2020 Leader Development Training program. We have been developing an environment internally where the employees could chart their career path from a young age, aim to be a leader in a proactive manner, and realize it through active learning.



Diversity and Inclusion

In order for every individual to reach their fullest potential and live a bright life, we will formulate and implement missions, strategies, and measures to create workplaces where employees with diverse values can be who they are, and strategically refine and utilize those differences and personalities as a corporate advantage.

● Launched the D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) Promotion Working Group

We positioned respect for diversity as a central axis of our growth strategy in achieving innovation, and in October 2019 we launched the D&I Promotion Working Group at the same time as the Sustainability Management Promotion Committee.
To help our employees to correctly understand D&I and to promote the policies, we held a D&I Online Seminar which allowed employees to freely participate. We will continue to proactively create opportunities to improve our knowledge and accelerate internal understanding and penetration of D&I.

● Women's empowerment

Currently, we have 176 female employees (15.9%) and six female managers (3.0%). As we continue to promote diversity, women's empowerment is a major issue for us. To address these issues with speed, our top executives take action and speak out themselves. We are working to achieve a female employee ratio of 30% and a female manager ratio of 20% by 2030 with different efforts, including setting a gender ratio of 50% as standard for new graduate recruitment.

● Promotion of employment of persons with disabilities and foreign workers

In FY 2019, as a result of our active employment of persons with disabilities in collaboration with disability employment-related organizations, the current employment rate of 2.3% is sufficient to maintain the legal employment rate, but it is a challenge to develop a stable employment environment throughout the year, and as the legal employment rate will be 2.3% from 2021, we will continue our activity with an aim to achieve a high level of the employment rate. Besides, we will also work to reduce the shortage of construction technician. As a solution to the sudden shortage of construction technician, we are promoting the employment of foreign workers. We believe that relieving the labor shortage and allowing foreign workers to acquire advanced construction skills will help to revitalize the partition industry in the future.