COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Creating a workplace respect for humanity ②

Promotion of diversity

Recognizing that the decline in work-population is a major concern in recent years, we are working to promote diversity and inclusion as we believe that showing respect for diversity and creating an environment to demonstrate one's individuality is a significant growth strategy. To realize an organization for every employee with diverse capacities to demonstrate their individuality, we support the participation of female employees, expanding the reemployment after retirement age, expanding the employment of people with disabilities and foreigners.



Women's empowerment

Currently, the number of female employees is 163 (15.2%), while the number of female managers is only 5 (2.5%). That is one of our major issues in promoting diversity. In 2017, we launched a project team called "Team for promoting the success and advancement of women in the workplace" and pursued an ideal model for women's work styles. In addition to the appointment of a female outside director with specialized knowledge, we established a management-led diversity and inclusion promotion committee. We are now working toward achieving a female employee ratio of 30% and a female manager ratio of 20% by 2030. At present, we recruit new graduates based on a sex ratio of 50:50.


Promoting employment of persons with disabilities

As a result of the active employment policy for adopting persons with disabilities in cooperation with relevant organizations since FY2018, our current employment rate is 2.2%, maintaining the legal employment rate. The statutory employment rate will be raised to 2.3% by 2021; we aim to accomplish it ahead of schedule. Going forward, we will continue to promote initiatives to improve the employment environment.



Work-style reform and work-life balance

To create an employee-friendly environment that encourages work balance, not to mention the ease to work, we established our corporate climate through creating frameworks to eliminate the long working hours, to promote the ease to take leaves, and to support childrearing. To enrich our employees' private lives, we have introduced a full five-day workweek, telework, five days of consecutive refreshment leaves. Also, to solve the issue regarding working condition improvement which is raised in the employees' satisfaction survey, we continue to implement "no-overtime days" and introduce the upper limit of overtime work as well as the interval regulation. We will keep showing our concern for our employees' health and promote work-life balance in such a manner.




Restricting long working hours

In FY 2018, we worked to realize highly productive work styles through our "Morning Activities (Overtime work before office hour)" initiative. Besides, to deter the long working hours, we have set an upper limit of 80 hours for overtime work and regularly warned the supervisor of employees having a high tendency toward long hours. In FY 2019, we further restrict long working hours by targeting a new upper limit of 42 hours stipulated by the Labor Standards Act.



Encouraging employees to take annual paid holidays

To encourage our employees to take their paid leave entitlement actively, we have set five consecutive holidays as refreshment leaves to make it easier for employees to spend more time with their family. We also set paid leave encouragement days to encourage employees to take consecutive days off. We started implementing the rule of five straight holidays from FY 2019. *The Japan government has set a goal in the "Fourth Basic Plan for Gender Equality" to achieve 70% of the annual paid leave-taking rate.



Regarding childcare support

Thanks to the effort of creating an employee-friendly working environment to help our employees balance their career and child-rearing at the same time, the rate of our employees taking childcare leave and the continuous employment rate remain high. Also, we have established work rules for childcare and nursing care to create a workplace environment that allows our employees to work without undue worries by utilizing "staggered work shift" and "reduced schedule".




Creating a safe and secure workplace

To ensure the safety and health of employees, we prevent disasters based on the "safety first" concept through the activities of the General Safety and Health Committee. And we also promote health checkups and work on mental health to realize a work environment for employees to work with a sense of security.



Safety and health initiatives

In FY2018, the number of occupational accidents in non-manufacturing departments increased significantly compared to FY2017, most of which was due to unsafe behavior during the construction process. Aiming for zero occupational accidents, we notify our entire company in times of occupational accidents to raise awareness. At the same time, we verify all activities in our meeting of the General Safety and Health Committee and continuously implement reoccurrence prevention measures.


Health management initiatives

Believing that the job satisfaction of our employees can be ensured only if they and their families are healthy both mentally and physically, we are keen on promoting health management. Based on the viewpoint of health maintenance, we increase health checkup items, deliver health instruction from our nurse, conduct stress checks, and encourage smoking cessation. Besides, we provide health check support for spouses (the non-working dependent) of our employees to improve the health of their families.