COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Creating a workplace respect for humanity ①

Creating a workplace respecting humanity

To create a work environment where all employees can play a leading role and be satisfied with their job and growth, we respect everyone's humanity. Meanwhile, we create a system where our employees can work in full play and an organizational climate in which they can always be cheerful and positive about their work.



Human resource development

Since its establishment, COMANY has been conducting its business with respect for human dignity, valuing the "human mind" more than anything else. For this reason, we believe that the most important thing for a company is its employees, so we are actively spreading educational chances to help employees learn philosophy based on the spirit of "Humanity and Fraternity" and acquire technical skills that contribute to a better society.
In philosophy education, based on the premise that "Every human being has a conscience," we always conduct an honest dialogue with each other to draw and enhance the conscience of each other. We value learning and developing our concept of values in this manner. We believe that it is more important than ever to learn philosophy continuously. Other than the philosophy training for all employees, we also provide different training courses according to the hierarchy of employees to improve their perspectives necessary for their roles, such as leadership training. In the training program, it becomes possible to foster an honest dialogue between employees by using the "HPC system (Developed by GAIASYSTEM Co., Ltd.)." It helps to build a strong relationship of trust among the employees and contributes to the creation of corporate culture for everyone to exercise one's autonomy and initiative.
In technical education, we not only develop education programs or certification systems for employees to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills in each professional field, but also prepare E-learning courses to hand down our internal technical knowledge.



Company training system diagram



Cultivation of humanity (Philosophy training)

Philosophy training is a training program for employees to learn "COMANY Philosophy." All of COMANY group employees attend philosophy training every year. It focuses on helping employees learn the philosophy that we value, such as "Management Based on the Bonds of Human Minds" and "Make Decisions with an Altruistic Mind," they also learn how to deal with their work or how to communicate with colleagues. Besides, we instill our Philosophy through the executive training, training for department director and department chief, and training for the 2nd, 3rd, 5th-year employees in which they repeatedly learn the perspectives and foster practices tailored to their roles.

Technical capability enhancement (Engineer training)

We offer training courses in different fields such as development technology, design technology, manufacturing technology, and construction technology to improve our technical capabilities. Our employees learn the skills necessary for providing high-quality products and services in each job category. In addition to engineer training aimed at acquiring expertise, we also offer E-learning courses as a means for passing on our technical knowledge.

Engineer training

Attending E-learning course

Gaining insight (External training)

To improve knowledge on social trends and the latest information, we actively participate in external study sessions and training in each specialized field, including subcommittee activities sponsored by Global Compact Network Japan. Besides, to increase the effectiveness of external training, the attendee then gives a lecture to our employees in the company. Through these activities, we accelerate the improvement and penetration of knowledge throughout our company.