COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Creating a workplace respect for humanity ①

Creating a workplace respecting humanity

To realize our management philosophy of "the material and intellectual growth of all employees," we aim to achieve the physical, mental and social well-being of each and every one of our employees. With values becoming increasingly diverse, conventional working styles are being reviewed, and it is necessary to create an environment in which people can work in their own way.
Our goal is to increase corporate value through continuous improvement of our own abilities and allowing each individual to shine in their own ways.



Promotion of a safe, secure and comfortable workplace

Considering that employees spend approximately one-third of their time in the workplace, our management team and employees work together to improve workplace morale, prevent occupational accidents and health problem in order to create a comfortable workplace. Creating a comfortable, safe and secure work environment plays a role in enhancing our corporate value.
● Health and Safety Initiatives
In fiscal 2019, the case number of non-manufacturing occupational injuries was flat compared to the previous year, with the majority of these being due to commuting injuries. We were fortunate that there were no occupational injuries occurring in fiscal 2019 that resulted in more than four days of lost time. We will continue to implement risk assessment, safety patrols, and KYT activities at our manufacturing and construction sites with the aim of achieving zero occupational injuries.




● Health Management Initiatives
We promote health management based on our belief that good mental and physical health for both employees and their families are important for the employees to take part in work actively with job satisfaction. This year, we were again recognized under the “2020 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organizations Recognition Program". We will continue to take measures to maintain our health, such as subsidizing costs through the recommendation of comprehensive medical examinations, providing health guidance by nurses, conducting stress checks, and encouraging employees to quit smoking. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) commends the outstanding health and safety-related businesses and organizations, as well as individuals who have made a remarkable contribution to health and safety. In 2020, we received honorable mention from the Director of Ishikawa Labor Bureau in recognition of our efforts to maintain and improve our health.


● Work style Reform and Work-Life Integration 
To create an environment that allows employees to enjoy their work and private lives with vitality, we are working to establish a corporate culture that is not only easy to work in, but also is easy to take time off work, expands our childcare and nursing care support systems, and eradicates long working hours, which were frequently cited as an issue in employee satisfaction surveys. To this end, we have established a premium bonus system for employees who reduce overtime work and take time off, as well as a "paid leave promotion day" to encourage employees to take paid leave.

Controlling long working hours

To improve working conditions, we will keep promoting our existing “No Overtime day” to reduce overtime work. We will also work on the target of average monthly overtime hours as 20 hours by promoting various work styles such as telecommuting and using a mechanism to notify daily overtime hours.
Besides, we will also ensure that employees who work on weekends and holidays are provided with days off in lieu of workdays to ensure their health.

Promotion of Flexible Work Style

In addition to introducing diverse work styles, we are expanding our telecommuting program, which includes long term telecommuting and temporary telecommuting, and promoting new ways of working, such as the "work-interval system" and the "flexible work time system. Besides, by establishing new systems such as staggered working hour system and short working hour system that expands the scope of eligible employees, we promote a flexible work environment for employees who are raising children or have family members who require nursing care.

Taking Children to Work System

The number of male employees taking childcare leave is gradually increasing, prompting a change in attitudes toward participation in childcare.
As part of our efforts to create a childcare environment for our employees, we have introduced a new system for employees to take their children to work. With the closing of elementary schools due to the effects of the COVID-19, there are more opportunities for our employees to take care of their children, and we are glad to see the new work style began to take root in our company.