COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Putting customers first ①

Pursuit of customers first

To impress and satisfy our customers, we always consider our customers first, from product development to sales, production, construction, and follow-up service, we provide safe, high-quality, environmentally friendly products. We keep creating comfortable and functional spaces in such stances.





Product development concepts and design thinking

Our product development is consistent with the following four concepts which we base on our numerous technical know-hows cultivated over the years:(1) “safety & security”, which is a prerequisite for all products, (2) “quality & functions” which satisfies customer needs, (3) “environmental and social contribution” which takes global environment and society into consideration, (4) “quality and comfort” which enhances spatial value by appealing to customer's instinct.
Moreover, in order to contribute to the realization of the 17 goals and 169 targets upheld in the SDGs by 2030, we identify the issues that we must address through a by back-casting approach and conduct research and development and business management. To achieve the SDGs, we promote innovation through design thinking.


*Design thinking is not design or superficial decorations. It is a technique to solve problems in business by adopting the users’ perspectives and using our five senses. It is used as a thinking method to express intangible concepts in images and shapes to solve business issues.



Product development of COMANY

We see offices, factories, medical and welfare facilities, schools and public facilities as our main markets. Though the issues differ depending on the market, we work to identify issues in each market and develop specific spaces as the solution to these problems.
In the office market, we aim at creating space to promote high productivity, respect for diversity, and workers’ motivation. In the factory market, we aim at creating space to realize productive manufacturing. In the medical welfare market and school market, not only do we provide comfortable spaces, but we also create spaces with high value for the people working there. Also, in other spaces, including the public space, we develop products aiming to provide a safe and secure space where everyone can be free from stress.


"KOUSHI" to realize new communication value

We developed and launched the “KOUSHI” partition which, unlike a plane partition, enables the users to recognize the changes in the atmosphere.
It is a partition designed after a “lattice” that can be found in Japanese houses, and its sophisticated design can produce a space that encourages creative ideas and communication based on the concept of “loose partition”. New forms of communication initiated in that space will correspond to diverse work styles and contribute to the productivity of the office.



Glass sliding wall creates harmony with steel partitions

The sliding wall is a movable partition. It creates an ample space when it is stored while serving as a partition to stage the space adequately.
By adopting glass specifications, it is possible to produce creative spaces. Its design improves by layering glass panels. Besides, by unifying the design with steel partitions, it is possible to provide a more sophisticated space. The aesthetic unity of the partitions creates a comfortable space, and the partitions’ mobility allows the effective use of space and design.



"Beds Divider " to provide comfort in the medical space

The nursing care clinics established in light of the recent revision in medical laws, are required to consider the privacy of treatment spaces and are obligated to install furniture and partitions between adjacent beds in multi-bend rooms.
Thus, we developed and released “Beds Divider” (a partition installed between beds) that protects the privacy of residents by blocking each other’s views. Through adopting wooden panels, a medical space can be transformed into a living space where users can feel at ease. Besides, pulling in the second panel can provide more space for stretchers and other devices to move around, enabling a smooth response to medical practices.