COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Putting customers first ①

Pursuit of customers first

To contribute to the world's happiness through our business activities, we strive to meet the true needs of our customers by accurately grasping the social issues faced by each market and creating spatial value through technology and design thinking. We also believe that developing, producing, selling, and constructing safe, high-quality, and environmentally friendly products will improve customer satisfaction. Therefore, we are focusing on those efforts and human resource development.
We will realize our sustainable growth by continuing to create new value.




Four Product Development Concepts and Design Thinking

Based on the numerous technological knowhow cultivated over the years, we are developing products based on the four concepts of "Safety and Security," "Quality and Functionality," "Environment and Social Contribution," and "Dignity and Comfort," to provide value that will impress our customers.
Moreover, to contribute to the 17 goals of the SDGs, we are working on research and development and business operations by defining our vision for 2030 and clarifying the issues we need to address through backcasting (backwards calculation thinking). To achieve this, we use design thinking to promote innovation.


*Design Thinking is not about design or superficial embellishments, but rather a method of solving business problems from the user's perspective, using the five senses as a method of thinking to express intangible concepts in a form.



Development of products that make "Empower all Life" a reality

● Creating a sustainable global environment
To preserve the beautiful environment for future generations, we are developing products that make use of the eco-friendly characteristics of the “partition” itself, such as relocatable, replaceable in parts of partitions, and reduce the environmental burden. COMANY's eco-products refer to the product which meets the standards of "Eco-Mark certified products", "Products in compliant with Act on Promoting Green Procurement" and "COMANY Original Eco-labeled Products". We are also working on the development of FSC-certified products*, which have been expanding worldwide in recent years.


● City planning for coexistence with disaster
To provide a safe living environment for people in Japan, the earthquake-prone country, we continue to incorporate Syncron, a quake-resistant technology developed through joint research with Kanazawa Institute of Technology, into more of our products. Besides, the Syncron has obtained a Certificate of examination for Construction Technology based on an ordinance of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and Tourism, which further proves the safety of the Syncron through technical knowledge.



● Platform creation fostering people’s activities
In the midst of the accelerating changes in the environment due to the technological innovation of IoT and 5G and the reform of working practice, COMANY is also engaged in research and product development to contribute to the creation of customers' environment. We have developed and launched the KOUSHI partition, a partition that allows people to recognize the change in atmosphere and territory as a "boundary" rather than dividing a space by planes, as telework and free-address system are becoming more common.


● Human resource development enabling each individual to play an active role
We continue to research on universal design to create a safe and secure environment for all people. We are creating interior spaces that can be used stress free by everyone regardless age and background. Besides, we will provide a safer and more secure environment by coating it with "Health Bright Evolution®" (HBE), which is made of 100% natural minerals with anti-virus and anti-bacterial characteristics.