COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Putting customers first ②


We are conducting various research and development to pursue the possibilities of "partitions." Innovative changes are indispensable for solving social issues in the world. As an open-source innovation platform, we are actively engaging in business-academia collaboration to create new value. Furthermore, we are promoting research and development based on design thinking to solve problems.



"Synchron system" aiming to contribute to earthquake-ridden countries including Japan

Since Japan is an earthquake-prone country, it is crucial to create a safety-first space for users to stay in the face of a massive earthquake and minimize the damage. We have studied the mechanism of partition collapse for many years and have come up with a solution. That is the "Synchron System."
As an essential item for disaster prevention and mitigation, we are expanding "Synchron" compatible products to be used in many spaces to ensure the safety and security of users. Retrofit is also available for those products in use.
According to our estimates, our delivery of "Synchron" so far has contributed to the reduction of disaster risk to approximately 44,000 people by March 2019. We have released all "Synchron" technology aiming to reduce disaster risk throughout the industry. We will keep contributing to disaster risk reduction for 1 million people through our delivery by 2030.



Launch of "evacuation center project" aiming to provide comfortable space in the affected areas

The current situation shows that even though the evacuation centers in the disaster-stricken areas are inconvenient, it is regarded as bearable to stay due to the top priority of human life in extraordinary period. But actually, these poor environments are causing many secondary health hazards. Hence, as a company for providing comfortable spaces, we launched the "Evacuation Center Project" based on the idea that better spaces are necessary to ensure the dignity and human rights of disaster victims.
In this project, we work on product development to provide a space close to everyday life in the affected areas.



Utilization of "IoT / AI" in partitions by quantitative information measurement

Most of our partitions require doors for use. Thus, it is the best product for measuring human behavior, such as the frequency of use, the time slot of use. Utilizing this advantage, we measure quantitative information and research on creating a better society and a more convenient space.
Also, intending to improve the productivity of office workers, we started research on creating a space for enhancing creativity. We work on a system to change the image displayed on the partition to match the user's mood instantly by IoT sensor. We will continue to utilize sophisticated IT, IoT, and AI technologies for space creation.



Changing production sites by "Factory Automation"

The decline in the working-age population and skilled workers is picked up as a significant social issue. As work style reforms, the approaches for improving efficiency and reducing burdens at worksites are being taken worldwide.
To solve these problems, we have researched automated robots, including automatic inspection equipment and indoor moving equipment, and deliver "factory automation" to meet individual customer needs.



"Universal Design," research for secured, safe, stress-free, comfortable space

We have further accelerated universal design research since 2005, and we continue to create spaces for different users such as people with disabilities, children, and adults to use without stress. Recognizing that "the toilet problem is one of the human rights issues relevant to human dignity," we jointly launched a study team for gender-neutral office toilet with Kanazawa University and LIXIL Co., Ltd. since 2017. The research results were released in July 2019.



Assigning market researchers for major markets

To realize "COMANY SDGs∞ Model," we strive to create an environment for people to work better, learn better, and live better, corresponding to the needs of each market. In particular, regarding the four markets such as office, factory, welfare and medical facilities, and school, we have assigned full-time researchers for each of them. We checked the big trend while putting effort into gathering information on different areas such as the emerging needs, technologies, laws, and regulations. We also hold seminars outside our company and carried out information sharing internally so we can utilize the information in-house research and development.



Pursue workplace optimization by planning and verifying demonstration experiments


To create a better office space, we have set up "COMANY LAB TOKYO" in our Tokyo office from the user's viewpoint. We conducted in-house verification of various experiments, such as work productivity, communication, and space for intense work. We also studied the whole concept of future office space. In the future, we will make hypotheses about the appropriate spatial conditions through various measurements. We will also commit ourselves to pursue the best office space for our customers while conducting demonstration experiments.