COMANY INC. is a manufacturer creating a comfortable and functional space through "partition."


Putting customers first ②

High quality manufacturing

We believe that the products and services we provide must be of reliable quality in order to satisfy our customers, and so we are developing initiatives based on the principle of quality supremacy. We will create comfortable and functional spaces by providing safe, secure and high-quality products that are friendly to the environment by combining the technical capabilities we have developed with new technologies through technological innovation.



● Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Improvement Activities

Our sales department periodically conducts customer satisfaction surveys to evaluate our activities to date. We evaluate four major survey items: products, construction, delivery time, and representative, to identify areas for improvement and areas that are valued. The change in NPS in our customer satisfaction survey improved from 9 scores in FY 2017 to 12 scores in FY 2018. In particular, satisfaction with product quality has improved, and we will continue to manufacture products to satisfy our users. On the other hand, we were down 1 score in construction, down 3 scores in delivery time, and down 8 scores in response of sales and engineering representatives, highlighting the importance of improving not only our products but also our services. Considering the impact of the Covid-19 catastrophe, we plan to conduct the next survey in the second half of fiscal 2020, but we will take the results of fiscal 2018 seriously and strive to improve our services, including internal training.
Moreover, as part of our activities to improve customer satisfaction, we have increased the amount of time we spend meeting with our customers to get a true picture of the space they want to achieve, and more recently we have been using IT tools to conduct remote business meetings,  make proposals, and hold product study sessions.



● High Quality Standards
In addition to operating a quality management system, we have established a high level of quality standards and repeatedly conduct various tests to ensure safety and security at all times. We have a product inspection room with adjustable light sources at our headquarters where we conduct product inspections in the environment that our customers actually use.



● Automation of the production line
In 1981, we introduced the Total Quality Control (TQC) program to train our employees in manufacturing, and it has become an integral part of our company's culture of improvement activities. As part of our efforts to improve quality, we are also working on automating information such as automatic panel inspection system and production information feedback. We will continue to promote production efficiency and quality control using IoT technology and data analysis that connects all things to the Internet.


Impressive, reassuring and reliable construction system

Our unique COMANY Smart Construction program is designed for our installation technicians to complete their job perfectly with a sense of pride and satisfaction while impressing our customers. The installation technicians not only hone their construction skills, but also develop their character and learn to behave with dignity. Thereby, we can build a construction framework that our customers can entrust us with their work in relief more than ever before.



● Approaches to smart construction
Every year, we hold the "Smart Construction Competition" for the installation technicians to compete with each other to improve their construction techniques and practices. In addition to sharing the vision of COMANY's construction work, elite construction technicians from across the country compete with each other for spirit and skill in order to promote construction innovations with our construction partners.
Besides, 626 construction workers from nine bases across the country participated in the annual health and safety promotion conventions held in each region in fiscal 2019.



● Construction Academy opened
In 2020, we opened the "Construction Academy" in-house as an educational institution specializing in construction, the final assembly process. The Academy aims to develop not only construction techniques, but also the skills and mindset necessary for working adults, and to train future specialists in a wide range of construction fields.


● IT and Visualization of Construction Work (CIC)
CIC (COMANY i-construction) is a system that allows the user to check drawings and processes using a smartphone or tablet, as well as construction procedures, safety and quality standards in real time at the construction site using video.
By using IT technology to visualize the work site, we are promoting productivity improvement and work style reform.